The Community Wellbeing Collective is a socially engaged, intercultural and intergenerational collective, made up of 30+ people from and connected to Wester Hailes, that practise community wellbeing together. Running our public space, the Community Wellbeing Space, in Wester Hailes shopping centre providing free community wellbeing activities, run by our members, to exapnd public imagination, enhance health and wellbeing, local action and create community cohesion. Through monthly ‘anchor events’ we invite external organisations to collaborate and connect people in solidarity, to the resources needed to fight the effects of poverty. These events explore a wider politics around wellbeing, with discussions, creative workshops and resources around current effects of the crisis and building ways to support one another through our struggles.

Through our program we aim to combat a range of issues such as negative effects of poverty, social isolation and low mental health. We do this through the open space and communal activities that we will offer; a space in which people are free to sit and be, to connect with others. Through the skills and knowledge shared through our vast range of activities and the collaborations with range of local and national organisations and the vast range of community wellbeing activities that we provide ourselves such as mindfulness, zumba, creative writing, care cafes, baby stay and play, yoga, tango and colour meditation. These are examples in which we create physical and mental space for people to knit tighter support networks, develop skills and connect to further resources needed to not only survive but to thrive. To view our members click here.

Community Wellbeing Space,
Westside Plaza Shopping Centre,
Wester Hailes Road, EH14 2SW

All activities are FREE
Edinburgh Art Festival
The Scottish Government
The City of Edinburgh Council
Creative Scotland
Kingdom of the Netherlands
Mondriaan fund